The digital revolution over the last 15 years has created a whole new voucher culture in the UK. The arrival of brands such as Groupon and Wowcher in the late noughties coincided with the eruption of the world of social media, and savvy mums began to seek out discounts not only for online or in-store shopping, but also for family trips to the cinema, to restaurants or to day visitor attractions using money off vouchers.

Today, ‘discount hacks’ and the constant online search for money-off vouchers, for everything from takeaways, to holidays, have become part of the consumer process with entire brands and websites devoted to offering consumers the latest advice on vouchers – what they are, where they are and how to get them. But do mums like them? Do they use them? Are they important to them?

To find out we conducted a study with over 2,500. First off we asked the mums how likely they would be to buy products using a money off vouchers. The results were pretty conclusive in that over a third (34%) said they were ‘very likely’ to make a purchase using money off vouchers, and 37% said they were ‘quite likely’ to make a purchase using money off vouchers. Only 29% said they were ‘unlikely’ to make a purchase using money off vouchers. In other words, more than seven out of 10 mums are likely to buy a product using a money off voucher. And when we reversed the question and asked mums how likely they would be to buy a product without a money off voucher the findings are even starker with nearly two thirds (73%) of mums saying they are ‘unlikely’ to buy a product without a money off voucher.

When we looked at things regionally, we found that mums in the South East (outside London) are the most likely to use money off vouchers (38%), closely followed by mums in the East and West Midlands (36%), Yorkshire and Humberside (35%) and both the South West and North West (32%). Conversely, we found that mums living within the M25 were least likely to use money off vouchers with only a quarter (26%) saying they would be ‘very likely’ to use them.

So why do mums love money off vouchers so much? What makes them so attractive? Crucially, using vouchers is no longer seen as something to be embarrassed about. As one of our mums tells us: “There was a time when for my generation using shopping coupons and vouchers was almost a thing to be embarrassed about. But motherhood soon puts a stop to thoughts like that, and if anything, the internet and Facebook has led to more use and awareness of vouchers than at any time I can remember,” Clare, mum-of-three, Manchester. “No visit to a restaurant is complete these days without checking online for voucher codes first, and shopping coupons have certainly become ‘cooler’.”

Of course the increase in the popularity of the use of money off vouchers is also being driven by digital technology which is creating a powerful ‘money saving’ culture which is both supported and celebrated across traditional and social media. Supermarket offers and high street discount deals are now viewed increasingly as genuine news stories by the likes of The Sun (the UK’s biggest-selling daily newspaper) and MailOnline (the world’s number one news site), as traditional media reaches out to consumers via social media. In the mean time mums’ networks on Facebook and other social platforms happily share the latest voucher trends and discount hacks, whether via money saving sites or promotions on TV.

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