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Report: The Power of Peer Led Sampling

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Peer led sampling is key to getting your brand into the hands of thousands of new customers. In this report, ‘The Power of Peer Led Sampling’, you will discover how women aged 20-50-years-old with dependent children respond to sampling, you’ll learn about the 11 different sampling methods available to brands, and you’ll also discover which methods influence purchasing behaviour the most.

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Bespoke children’s book is hot on the Gruffalo’s heels..

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Digital publishing start-up has sold 500,000 personalised children’s books in less than two years and now sells to 135 countries. The company produces a book called The Little Boy/Girl Who Lost His/Her Name aimed at children aged from two to six. Each copy is tailored to the name of the recipient, and follows the story of a child who sets out to find the letters of their name. 


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The 5 things mums want your company to know

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From the recipes they post on Pinterest to the candid tweets they share at #MommyFail tweets, moms wield tremendous power with brands — and with other moms.

Given that influence, consumer companies of all types are constantly looking for new ways to understand and better serve Mom. But does Mom feel like brands actually know her?

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