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Do you want to get your brand talked about by over 3 million of the UK’s most influential women?

Talk to Mums can extend the quality and reach of your brand by up to 20x creating conversations that have been proven to increase buying behaviour by 40%. (2017 survey)

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We reach, teach and influence mums

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Tell Your Story

Tell mums all about your new product, and show them where to buy it.

  • Entice our influencers with a 300-600 word description about your new product
  • Upload 2-5 high quality images
  • Link to your website or retail locations
  • Your listing will be visible for a year

Supply us with 100 free samples or coupons, or an event invite to distribute to our Mumbassadors®.


Trial the product

Get your product directly into the hands of mums across the UK

By post

Mums sign up to trial a product by post and share feedback/review

  • You supply 1,000 – 25,000 samples
  • We distribute them to our Mumbassadors®
  • Mums answer pre-selected questions
  • We supply you with the feedback

By peer to peer

Mums have conversations about your brand and distribute your product or coupons to their networks.

  • You supply 5000 – 50,000 samples
  • We carefully select the mums to send them to
  • We supply you with quotes, photos and product feedback from mums
  • Mums share this across their social networks
  • Reach from 200,000 – 2.5 million engaged consumers across the UK

By hosted event

Have a Mumbassador® host an event to promote your product.

  • Mums host a brand event with 8-10 mums or kids
  • Choose from 10-50 hosts across the UK
  • We supply you with quotes, photos and product feedback from mums
  • You receive content to share socially or with retailers
  • Reach from 80,000 – 800,000 engaged consumers across the UK
  • Mums share this across their social networks

Through these activities we give mums a reason to want to spread the word online and offline.

…love to know about new products that help, add value or entertain.
…tell us they rarely get to know about new products.
…don’t trust or consume traditional media.
People influence people. Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook, CEO

Be a part of mums conversations

The best way to be the brand of choice with mums is to be part of their conversation. Trusted marketing can’t be bought and gives brands better quality connections and reach. It will also boost the performance of your other marketing tactics and paid for media.

Sally Durcan,
Founder, Talk to Mums

What brands say about us?


“We chose to work with Talk to Mums as they are unique in offering direct access to a group of engaged mums, a particularly difficult group to reach through traditional media. Talk to Mums also look after all the elements of the campaign – from finding the right mums to tracking the results, which makes the set up and management really smooth.”

Lizzie B
Senior Brand Manager, Ecover


“We chose to work with Talk to Mums as it allowed us to effectively reach our target audience in a compelling way. The Mums became our brand ambassadors in their communities, working hard to sample our product and tell our story.”

Sam G
Senior Brand Manager, Kettle Bites


“Talk to Mums has been an excellent partner, providing flawless execution of our program and results that exceeded our expectations. We chose T2M because they understand how mums learn about, experience and try new products. We loved having them as part of our team and will continue to work together in the future.”

Ann R
VP Marketing, Serenz

What mums say about us?

“After sharing Kettle Bites with a school mum, she told me how this product had helped her to re-evaluate the calorie content of foods and then went onto lose over 10 kg.”

Helen Watson, London

“My son has really sensitive skin (Eczema) and I don’t let him play with many creative play activities because of the chemicals – when I was a mumbassador for Ecover – I let him play in water with bubbles for the first time due to it was chemical free. The joy on my sons face was amazing and he didn’t get an Eczema outbreak”

Leyla Johnson, Hertfordshire

“My husband suffers from really bad nasal congestion sometimes having to take 2-3 different products a day just to relieve the symptoms – I jumped at the chance to try Serenz and we noticed a huge difference in a really short space of time. I am so grateful I now know about this product.”

Clare Long, Canterbury



Find out what mums really think about your brand and how they are talking about it.

100% Targeted

Get your message and brand into the right peoples hands.

Photos & Quotes

to use on social sites and share with retailers

Social Uplift

45%+ increase in social engagement

A Few of Our Heros

Tessa is a hero to her husband for finding him a new allergy relief product that fixed his nasal congestion.
Mandy is a hero to her best friend for finding some healthy new low-calorie crisps that taste great too!
Amy bis a hero to her school mums for sharing a healthy, tasty, after-school snack recipe for an oat biscuit.

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