Ebookadabra: Get a three month free trial of the Apple reading app

By March 15, 2017Giveaways
Encouraging your kids to read with eBookadabra.

We have a TREAT for you this month, particularly if your kids like reading, or you are trying to encourage them to discover the joy of it at an early age. We have 100 (yes a hundred) codes for a three month free trial of the Apple reading app, eBookadabra for you.

The app is designed for 3 to 7 year olds, offering a “one-stop” solution for children’s reading.

The app allows kids to read hundreds of books from leading publishers such as Disney and Harper Collins.

Reading then incentivises children by helping them to unlock educational puzzles, games, collectable stickers and much more.

Although Ebookadabra is only just launching, the platform already has a wide variety of features on it such as:

  • The ability for parents to record themselves reading the stories that their children are looking at
  • A safe and secure messaging system that allows a child to talk to their parents about the progress they are making in app.
  • An innovative visual search engine designed for kids that lets the use visual search terms to explore our library of books.
  • The ability to save stories to your in-app library so you can enjoy them on the go.

All of this is available for less than the price of a book a month; £5.99 along with a 30 day free trial. But we are letting you have THREE MONTHS for free!

Ebookadabra also makes this experience for a child easier as there is now no need for you to lug around 100’s of books. It is cheaper too, as it offers the whole experience for less than the price of a single book a month.

Over the coming months eBookadabra will be adding hundreds of new books along with other new features. Why not sign up, and you can be in on the fun!

eBookadabra iOS App - free 3 month trial - 100 available
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We will pick the first 100, and send on an email with the details for downloading the app; good luck everyone!

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