Mum Heroes #2: Caring for baby and baby’s skin

By March 2, 2017Mum Heroes
Natural products for baby and you from Frees, Bees and Marshmallows

We have the lovely, Corri, on the site today. She is showing us why she is a hero to her family with the second of our Mum Hero stories. Corri Rodgers recently set up her own business, Trees, Bees and Marshmallows, to help enable her to stay at home with her children, but also to help those who want to look after their kid’s (and their skin) naturally.

Welcome, Corri.

Suffering eczema as a kid, I became a little OCD with moisturising, I would religiously moisturise top to toe everyday, trying all the different concoctions on offer. Call me curious George, but I become intrigued with what was in these products, and what triggered skin complaints in myself and others.

Learning about petroleum, synthetics and other different ingredients, I didn’t like the thought of putting waste products on my skin. I also learnt that sometimes these ingredients can triggered skin complaints.

Looking back through history to find out what we used to use on our skin, I introduced myself to more natural products, and I become passionate about plant based ingredients; free of preservatives and chemicals.

Our skin is the largest organ in our body, and our first line of defence. We need to look after it.

I taught myself about different natural ingredients, took courses on how to make skincare items, and experimented.

Upon starting a family, my interests become focused on what products I could use on my little ones skin. I was a little surprised to see the range of baby products that contain chemicals that can affect baby’s skin. I was also surprised to see nutritious oils as an ingredient, but alongside petroleum and synthetics.

I wanted to find something completely free of these kinds of chemicals, so the answer was to make my own skincare for me, and now for my little one. I wanted to trust that my products only contained natural, pure, and beneficial ingredients. It is important we give our skin the best start form the word go.

Did you know that our skin adsorbs 60% of what we put on it? Clearly, because of this, we need to be extra careful what skin products we are using. I steered away from some of the harsher chemicals that some skincare company’s use, eliminating any chance of heath or skin complaints that I suffered as a child. I now use only the highest grade, most nutritional oils for my baby’s skin.

After educating myself about the products that were best for baby and me; Trees, Bees and Marshmallows was born. We offer natural, organic, and vegan skincare developed with pregnancy and baby at the forefront of our mind. Products we have include:

  • Baby hair and Body Wash,
  • Baby Body Lotion,
  • Baby Massage Oil,
  • Protective Balm, and
  • Mummy’s Stretch Mark Oil.

One of Corris products for mums - a stretch mark oil made from natural ingredients.

One day, I would love to have my own land to grow and produce plant based oils and butters. But for now, I am happy to teach and encourage more people to use plant based ingredients, through growing my own skincare range.

Thanks so much, Corri, for sharing your story, and being a hero to your kids! If you have a tale to tell, then do get in touch with us and we can tell your story too. Did you start a business to make a change in both your and your children’s life? Tell us all.

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