Why T2M?

UK Mums are our heroes

How often do you get to see, hear about, or try a new product?

Since having kids, I rarely get to pick up a magazine. I hardly ever notice any advertising and barely get to read the streams of messages coming from my friends.

Like many other women out there, I love to be in the know. I love being the hero to my family when I find a great new product. It might be a perfect body lotion, or a snack that tastes great.
I also love it when I receive new products from new brands, which end up on my shopping list.

T2M was created to help busy, time sensitive woman to experience products and share feedback with friends and the wider community. Also having the opportunity to make some extra money.

We are proud to have worked with some amazing brands and wonderful woman of all ages across the UK.

We would love for you to be a part of our network.


Sally Durcan

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A Few of Our Heros

Tessa is a hero to her husband for finding him a new allergy relief product that fixed his nasal congestion.
Mandy is a hero to her best friend for finding some healthily new low-calorie crisps that taste great too!
Amy is a hero to her school mums for sharing a healthy, tasty, after-school snack recipe for an oat biscuit.