BECOME have created a smooth, silky, intelligent tank top that regulates your body temperature using the latest technology

Women of all ages have told us that their body temperature skyrockets for all kinda reasons; during sleep, after an operation, post baby, pre-menstrual, menopausal and for many other unknown reasons. 

Finally T2M have found the perfect solution; Become have created a tank top that uses a flat yarn to draw the moisture away from the skin and evaporate it. It is silky soft on your skin and can be worn under a t-shirt, jumper or as your new PJ’s.

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Mum Testimonials

  • The material is so soft, I sweat in bed which means I get a very disruptive sleep, since using the tank by Become, I have been able to sleep again through the night. (Amanda Downs)
  • This tank is amazing, my body temperature skyrockets at that time of the month, making me feel sticky and uncomfortable. the tank has made me much cooler and more comfortable. (Sally May)
  • I bought a tank for my mum who was getting really uncomfortable with hot spells, I bought her the Become top and she can’t believe how it has changed her life – she is cooler enabling her go about her daily routines with ease again. (Rachel Corn)

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Key Benefits

  • Become works with world renowned active, intimate and swim wear brands
  • Regulates your body temperature
  • Wicks moisture away from the body
  • Reduces odour
  • Silky smooth material
  • 18 months product research with Hohenstein Institute
  • Uses flat yarns to draw the moisture away from the skin and evaporate it

Find out more about how this unique technology works –